My Beloved Mother

My mother, Zarina Ismail Argamawala (May Allah have mercy on her). 

Born on 2nd Dhul Qa'dah 1372 (13th July 1953), she lived a pious life of 70 years (68 years). 

From the many memories that we love and will cherish forever, inshaAllah, there are some things that we will always take inspiration from. 

My mum used to spend hours on the musallah making dua. She would raise her hands after every salah and her tears would just flow. She would place her hand on the heads of her children and grandchildren and shower them with dua after dua. 

She had an immense fikr for her salah. During her youth and her old age, Allah tested her with many illnesses, but throughout them all, her salah remained at the forefront of her worries. She would never suffice on praying just the faraa'idh and sunan, but would regularly pray daily nawaafil. Even during the final stages of her illness, it was her only fikr. With the little energy that she had, she would weep for her salah. 

Through the time of good health, right until she was able to, she would read salat-ul-tasbeeh every Friday and everyday during the month of Ramadhaan. 

My mum was a very self disciplined woman, who had high expectations for herself. On a daily basis, in addition to her ma'moolaat, she would pray three paras of Qur'aan at least. 

She had an extreme love for the Haramayn. Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed her with many visits to His house and the Madinat-ul-Munawwarah. During her visits, every minute, every second, every moment was accounted for. Where we would be getting tired, she would encourage us to do more. Despite her small frame, and generally weaker health, she had this extra energy running through her when it came to any form of ibaadah. Deen was the driving factor of her life. 

With her family and friends, she loved to feed. She would make pots and pots of food, different foods for everyone's different preferences, happily. 

To Allah we belong and to Him we return. 

May Allah shower her with His infinite mercy, accept her life and sacrifices, and honour her with His radhaa. May He fill her grave with noor, make it a garden from the gardens of Jannah, and grant her the company of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. May He make each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren a means of elevating her status and a sadaqah-e-jaariyah for her. Lastlt, may He grant us all sabr, especially my beloved father sabr jameel. Aameen.